Buildings & Hire of Halls

The front of Tunbridge Wells URC

Our buildings occupy a triangular site at the corner of Mount Ephraim and Grosvenor Rd. nearly opposite the Kent & Sussex Hospital. (Click on the Location & Parking Map)

The Church proper and its main entrance lie along Mount Ephraim, conjoined with Church House at the apex of the corner facing towards St. John's. The main entrance is into a concourse area, which serves both the Church and Church House.

Main entrance of Tunbridge Wells URC Main entrance inside Tunbridge Wells URC

The buildings were completed in 1901 and are of solid Victorian red brick construction.

The Church proper, completed in 1901, can seat about 200 and is light and airy, with a high pitched roof and original stained glass windows.

Inside the churchThere is a good quality conventional Church pipe organ, together with a modern public address and loop sound system.

Church House contains 7 domestic-size meeting rooms on three floors, plus a modern kitchen. Church House links with the Church on the ground floor.

There is a large Hall with fixed stage on a lower-ground floor under the Church, with a large kitchen-cum-dining area. The Hall entrance is in Grosvenor Rd. and links to the Church via a staircase.

There are full access toilets at the Church (ground floor) level, and at the Hall entrance level.

Despite the sloping nature of the site, there is disabled access to all parts of the building except the two top floors of Church House. The main Hall has full access via an internal ramp.
There is full access ramp to the Church and Church House.

The Halls and rooms in Church House are available for hire (not Sundays). Please contact the Lettings Secretary, Eric Christian, on 01892 523718, for terms and availability.

Tunbridge Wells United Reformed Church