Thought for the Month (June 2019)

The View from the Manse Window

As a child, the minister's pastoral letter was always called "the view from the Manse window" and I often wondered which window that was. That Manse had several windows all with different views - as does the Manse I am privileged to live in. For many months the view from one of the windows here was of a very tall crane and I sometimes worried in strong winds that it would fall. So much did it become part of our view, however, that I stopped noticing it. I am not sure when it went, but it has gone!

The view from the front is a relatively quiet road which becomes frantic with the noise of school children, cars and buses for about half an hour just before school starts, and again at the end of the school day. There are, however, always different cars parked along the road to add interest to the street, some of whom observe the white lines outside the houses, some of whom don't - which can be annoying when trying to get in or out of the drive.

The view from the back is changing. By the time you read this, the very steep slope will hopefully have gone, to be replaced by three tiers with steps leading down. We are so looking forward to then being able to invite people to see the glorious view we have, and to use the garden for some fair-weather functions. Our thanks to Southern Synod for a very helpful grant on health and safety grounds.

I wonder what the view is from where you live? I wonder how much, like me, you tend to take it for granted? This month look carefully and intentionally. Let us all give thanks to God for the glory of creation.

"Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land." Book of the Song of Solomon 2:12

Rev. Helen Warmington

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