Thought for the Month (May 2019)

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit".
(Matthew 28:19)

By the time you read this, Easter will be 'done and dusted', as they say, and we will be looking ahead to new events in our diaries. Has Christ's resurrection become just an event we share and celebrate only at Easter? This is so 'mind-blowing' we need to breathe it, live it, tell it, every single day of our lives, surely!

It was a beautiful morning, I found myself a beautiful shady spot by the lake, a log to sit on, settled the dogs, closed my eyes and I said out loud, "Right then Lord, you've got my full attention, I'm listening!"

All I heard was a panting and puffing, a scratching and a splashing. I opened my eyes to see Jess the puppy madly digging a hole with her paws, sending dirt and pebbles into the water.

As I sat laughing at her antics, I realised the dirt and pebbles that she was scattering into the lake were causing ripples to spread out across the water's smooth surface; they went out further and further, until they reached the far side.

I realised God was saying, "Take a closer look; see how far the ripples are spreading."

We can all be like pebbles dropped into a pond or lake, sending out ripples of God's love to those around us. It might be through an act of kindness, a smile, a prayer or even a chance to tell the story. There are times when we really can feel so blessed, so sparkling like shining pebbles, full of life, when we truly feel God's nearness, when we want to share it with others.

However, at times we can feel so very low, when God seems far away, even doubting his existence and life is far from sparkling. I imagined myself on the other side of the lake, being the one the ripples were coming to, the one receiving the full effect of the ripples! These are the times when Jesus comes to us, the times when we need to embrace the love that God is extending to us, to listen out for his voice speaking through his son Jesus Christ, the risen Lord!

So whether we are on the far side or the near side of the lake, let us keep the Easter wonder alive by dropping a few pebbles of our own and see the ripple effect take over!

Richard Cannam

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