Thought for the Month (April 2019)


In our contemporary society, mention Easter (or enter it into Google search) and up pop images of cute bunnies and be-ribboned shiny covered chocolate Easter eggs. A far cry from the true meaning of Easter, however appealing bunnies and chocolate eggs might be.

Even in churches we can sometimes jump from the adulation of Palm Sunday straight to the joyous celebration of Easter Day itself, and miss the wonderful opportunity that Holy Week allows; to walk with Christ, to feel the range of emotions provoked by the twists and turns of his Passion and to discover echoes and empathies in our own lives. This is the time in Jesus' life that we are given the most detail: of how he and the disciples, and indeed his critics, felt, thought and acted. Life is not always easy, and we too can feel the adulation of friendship one moment and the sense of betrayal and loneliness the next.

Journeying through Holy Week allows us a glimpse of the whole range of emotions that Christ experienced in that seven days that started and ended with a shout but had mountains and valleys of emotion in between. Then finally, on Easter Day itself the celebration of that first resurrection appearance and how the night-time of despair was transformed into the full sunlight of joy.

We, like those early disciples and followers of Jesus, need to progress from fear to courage, from private suspicion to public testimony. Journeying together, encouraging each other as we go, through Holy Week can be a wonderful opportunity to support one another in our own journeys of faith. Even if ill health or other commitments prevent you from joining with us in Church, be assured of our prayers at this special time - and please remember us in yours.

"Keep watch and pray" Jesus said to his disciples
Matthew 26:41

Rev. Helen Warmington

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