Thought for the Month (September 2018)

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you. Deut.31 : 8a

This September is an interesting month for the Warmington family and I wanted to share some of this with you all.

Firstly, we will be attending the wedding of our son, Jonathan, to Ulrika. This will take place in southern Sweden at the Lutheran church in the town of Angelholm. Jon and Ulrika will then move to just north of Stockholm where they will make their home for the next couple of years as Jon works towards his Masters degree at Uppsala University. Obviously this is a big change for all the family and we would welcome your prayers. Devotees of "Scandi-noir" will recognise the Oresund Bridge which we will have to travel across from Denmark to Sweden and return (we fly via Copenhagen). A magnificent piece of engineering, nearly five miles long.

We barely return from the wedding when we fly to Germany for a conference between the United Reformed Church and the Church of the Palatinate. This is a united Protestant Church embracing both Lutheran and Calvinist (Reformed) traditions, in the Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland states. There is much in common between the two denominations and our contexts, but differences too. Germany and the UK are both modern democracies but our histories and geography differ. Thankfully the conference will be in English!

These two events have reminded me how interconnected our modern world truly is. My breakfast, for instance, came from South America, Africa, and Europe (muesli with oats, nuts and raisins plus milk from a local farm), and Sri Lanka (tea). Who knows where my lunch will have been grown!

Yet I am also reminded that God is Sovereign over all the lands and all the seas. He is with us wherever we are, and for that we say Halleluiah. Whatever your September brings, and wherever you might be, the Lord is with you too.

Rev. Helen Warmington

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