Thought for the Month (December 2015)

As another year hastens to an end and we look forward to Christmas may I share with you the story of Michael Mouse.

Once upon a time there was a mouse called Michael who lived in a wood with his best friend the Owl. He had heard a rumour that a special baby had been born far away.

His friend the Sheep told Michael he was going to visit the baby but it was necessary to take a gift. The sheep said he would take WOOL as his gift and he set off to find the baby.

Michael met his friend the Cow who said she was going to visit the baby and take MILK as her gift, they both said to Michael "you cannot go because you have no gift for the baby." Michael desperately wanted to visit the baby too and asked his friend Owl what gift he could take.

The Owl couldn't think of a gift and said he thought it was a lot of fuss about nothing and he did not intend to go but Michael still wanted to visit the baby. So off he went all by himself until he found the stable where the sheep had given the baby his wool and the cow had given the baby her milk.

Michael watched Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus from his vantage point on the wall of the stable. Michael saw Joseph looking up at the wall where there was a knot hole in the wood he also saw Mary looking up at the hole as well, they seemed rather worried when night came about the draught that whistled through the knot hole down to where the baby was lying.

Michael suddenly had a good idea, he pushed and squeezed his little body into the knot hole and filled it so that no draught could come through onto the baby. Joseph looked up at Michael and smiled and winked and Mary also looked up at Michael and smiled and winked.

Michael stayed there all night to protect the baby Jesus from the draught. In the morning when his job was done Michael returned home to the wood where he found his friend the Owl who asked him how he had got on, and what gift had he taken in the end. Michael told the Owl how he had seen baby Jesus and how he had filled the knot hole with his body to stop the draught. Michael said the gift he had given the baby was HIMSELF for as long as he was needed.

The Owl was very pleased to hear the story and told Michael Mouse he was very proud to be his friend.

I trust this has given us food for thought and we will once again give ourselves to the Lord. May God bless us all.

Sheila Still (Elder and Hawkenbury URC Correspondent)

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