Thought for the Month (April 2015)

Bible references: Gospel of St. Matthew Chapter 28, Gospel of St. Matthew, Chapter 16, Gospel of St. Luke, Chapter 24, Gospel of St John, Chapter 20..

Dear Friends,

When Christopher asked me if I could write the Easter letter, I agreed to do some but I admit some reservations. Why? Well, the resurrection of Jesus and its implications are such an awe inspiring subject I am not sure I should be doing it! Somehow, it is more comfortable to write, for instance, about Christmas. In my view, we have "cosy-fied" Christmas a little bit, but it just doesn't work for Easter, at least not for me.

Therefore, I hope no-one will mind too much, if, having given the main Bible references, I give some personal reflections, which are more "of this world" but may, one day, be useful.

St Paul says we see now "in a glass, darkly" but we will one day see face to face. He is right. In the Resurrection we will see clearly. Now, both our human eyes and our spiritual eyes are faulty. Our physical eyes see the surface of things, although that in itself if pretty good. The world is a beautiful place. But we can't see round corners, into solid objects, and our eyes can deceive us too. We see things that are not there, and can be tricked by illusions. Some people's eyesight is faulty or damaged through no fault of their own. In the same way, our spiritual eyes can be less than perfect …we do not see God, for a start, the biggest reality of all. We see things in people which are not there; I do, especially when I am being judgemental. We also fail to see things in people we ought to see, especially when the surface looks good! What has this to do with the Resurrection? I believe we need to get ready now to see each other "face to face". How do we do this? We need to remember each one of us is an immortal soul and give each other due respect, if not liking. What do we really know about a person, except the name the world has given them? So be kind, tread softly, there will be surprises in store. Remember, the World did not and still does not recognize Jesus.

I also think we need to be ready for joy. The happiness of meeting Jesus and lost loved ones will be indescribable. So, away with gloom, if you possibly can! Grief can be terrible, but only when you truly love. Love is eternal, and that paradox tells us the truth about Jesus and the resurrection of us all. So, I believe we should reconcile wherever possible, and thereby we may reach an eternity of love.

Have a very Happy Easter.

Mary Nolze (Elder & Secretary, Rusthall URC)

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