Thought for the Month (October 2011)

Dear Friends,

In his book, Making Religion Real, the American theologian Nels F.S. Ferre tells the story of a young theological student who confessed to his professor that he had lost his faith.

"You used to be an athlete in college, didn't you?" asked the professor. The young man admitted the fact. "Get up each morning and run four miles before breakfast; then come back in three months and see me", advised the older man. The student did as he encouraged and his faith returned. "It is easy to explain how you got your faith back", said the professor. "I saw that you had been used to running and had become flabby all of a sudden. In that state, everything was bound to seem unreal to you."

There is a closer relationship than we sometimes admit between our spiritual state and our physical discipline.

When I (Eric) found, back at the beginning of the year, that during the day I was spending more time than was necessary on my computer (I think of this as my non-running), I told myself that my computer was out of bounds until 4pm. It has changed my life.

I have not been through the loss of faith condition, but I can relate to the flabby situation, and don't care to stay that way as I continue through with my walk with the Lord.

I like the words ".. everything was bound to seem unreal to you." for the most real person/character I have ever been introduced to must surely be Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Eric Christian

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