Thought for the Month (July 2011)

I wonder which part of our faith means most to you? Do you pray to "Almighty God", or "Jesus, my saviour", or "Come, Holy Spirit"?

When I thought about it, it's important to me that This is my immediate creed, but I probably want to include a lot more, when I have another think. All of them are important. If you would like to write and explain to the rest of us what's important to you, please give your comments to Eileen Gall, our magazine editor.

Normally if we have a happy (or sad) piece of news, we want to share it with somebody. So I don't understand why we don't share these really good things about God, which we now understand and know, and can recommend to a friend.

In this Vision4Life Year of Evangelism, we are trying to consider Evangelism (big scary word!). We want to tell everyone the good news of Jesus.

There are many times when I enjoy getting on the phone to share an item of good news, maybe about my two great great nephews, Harry and Oliver, (you do realize that that makes me Great Great Aunt Audrey!) or a new recipe that works well and is delicious; or a good TV programme, or a challenging novel finished. I'm sure you enjoy sharing little bits of news that maybe are not that important.

But when a friend shares a worry or tells about a sleepless night or expresses great hopes for a new life, maybe this is the time to share our experience of God. One of our congregations often met a lady at the shops, who said she was lonely, especially on a Sunday. "Why don't you come to our church?" she invited. She came, and contributed to our fellowship, and although she has now moved away she still enjoys going to worship every Sunday.

An invitation at harvest time is an obvious one, because we all want to thank the Creator for our food. We all have discussions about the cost of living, so it would be fairly easy to talk about God taking care and providing for us.

We are having some discussions about evangelism at the church on some Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock. If you haven't joined in yet, do join in on 6th, 13th and 20th July.

We're on to a good thing no, a wonderful person in Jesus. Let's "tell it on the mountain, over the hills and far away", "tell out, my soul", "go forth and tell" and all the other songs you can think of! But let's go do it and tell everyone about our God, about just how much he loves us and cares for us.

Audrey Mitchell

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