Thought for the Month (August 2009)

August is often called the holiday month and we think especially of families with children who have school holidays to cope with.

We don't know if Jesus ever took holidays as we know them now. As a child I had occasional exciting breaks to Hastings, Bexhill and Peacehaven when we did very different things. I went out in a boat at Hastings with my dad and lots of other people and chose my own lunch at the self-service restaurant upstairs in Woolworths, and then went next door to Di Marcos to eat a cornet of ice cream.

But normally we went hop picking at Matfield and stayed with Granny and Granddad. (Maybe Jesus stayed with Granny.) I had to pick boxes of hops and gently tip them into the bin. If the hops weren't broken they measured more in the bushel basket. If I had been good I went over to the oast house with the horse and wagon and while the hops were being unloaded I played with Mrs Blanche Wallis' children until it was time to ride on the wagon high up behind the huge horse with Mr. Fuller. I held my head high but inside I was so scared.

We read of Jesus and his disciples going to stay with friends, having nice meals together and spending time in a lonely place to pray – all good ideas for a holiday break.

Perhaps on holiday we have a more relaxed attitude to time, so we have time to relax with God, to chat and read a good book - the Bible would fit nicely.

In August we are going to be reading about David – the youth who was "ruddy, with a fine appearance and handsome features.." 1 Sam. 16.v2. At Christmas we sing about David's city and David’s son because a lot of thinking about the Messiah was tied to the perfect kingship of David about 1,000 years before Jesus. David united the two kingdoms of the north and south, Israel and Judah, and defeated the Jebusites to make the city of Jerusalem the capital city.

I hope you enjoy the stories about David AND your holiday reading, rest and relaxation.

Audrey Mitchell

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