Thought for the Month (January 2007)

Happy New Year, everyone!

Is it a new year for you? As a teacher, my new year was September, but I suppose we celebrate a change of date Ė now 2007. It was only recently we celebrated the new millennium, wasn't it?

Iím not very serious about New Year resolutions. I have a few resolutions which are on-going - to pray and read more, and to eat less, for a start. I offer you another one - to experience the joy and privilege of sharing the Lord's Supper regularly within the fellowship of God's family.

Some quotes - To 'remember' in the Biblical sense is not about idle nostalgia. It is to understand and embody in a present and active way all that we have inherited from those who went before us, and Who prepared the ground we stand on.

This feast we can experience on many occasions and it is always full of meaning for those of us who know of Jesus' death on a cross. We donít always fully comprehend. We can celebrate with a few or a vast crowd, with full choir or silently, but always we are a part of that family which can pray 'Our Father'. We actually eat and drink bread and wine, symbols of the body and blood of our Saviour.

We proclaim our faith very simply -
Christ has died,
Christ is risen,
Christ will come again.
As we leave, we ask the indwelling Spirit to help us be as Christ's body in the world.

I wish you joy in the regular celebration of this sacrament and in the living in God's kingdom in 2007. I hope it's a foretaste of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Audrey Mitchell.

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